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Social Influence and Consumer Behavior, Special issue of Social Influence, Edited by Daniel Howard, Amna Kirmani, and Priyali Rajagopal; Deadline 31 Oct 2011

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Special Issue Call For Papers:

Title: Social Influence and Consumer Behavior

Guest Editors: Daniel Howard, Amna Kirmani, and Priyali Rajagopal

Call For Papers:

Social Influence announces a call for papers on topics related to the application of social influence principles in Consumer Behavior. The journal aims is to publish a special issue on the subject in Spring or Summer of 2012. Social Influence is a multi-disciplinary journal, recently accepted into the Web of Science, that provides an integrated focus for research into this important and dynamic field.

Topics of interest include factors that influence consumer behavior and the consumer decision making process, such as advertising, promotion, personal selling, price, and product related strategies. Generally, papers examining important social factors that affect what consumers do, and/or how they think or feel, are welcome. Examples of specific topics include interpersonal influence, scarcity, norm of reciprocity, social presence, identity signaling, persuasion knowledge, and non-conscious influences. Papers evaluating the effects of consumer characteristics on decision making and behavior are also welcome. Outcome variables of interest include beliefs, attitudes, purchase intentions, purchase behavior, and compliance.

Articles may present new empirical findings or they may be review articles. For inclusion in the special issue, the editors will consider both the fit with the special issue topic and the interest-generating potential of the manuscripts submitted.

Manuscripts should be no longer than 5000 words. This word limit excludes the abstract (which should be no longer than 120 words), the title, table and figure text, and references. For full instructions on submissions including journal style and layout please visit the journal’s website

and go to the “Instructions for Authors” page.


Manuscripts should be submitted by 31st October, 2011. Please email your paper, saved in a standard document format type such as Word or PDF, to the Journal’s Editorial Assistant, Duncan Nicholas: Please include a cover letter clearly indicating that your submission is to be considered for the special issue on Consumer Behavior.

For further information, or if you have any questions on whether your work is appropriate for the special issue, contact Daniel Howard at