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Multivariate Behavioral Research, 46(3)

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Multivariate Behavioral Research 

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Introduction to the Special Issue on Propensity Score Methods in Behavioral Research
Robert M. Pruzek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Introduction to Propensity Score Methods for Reducing the Effects of Confounding in Observational Studies
Peter C. Austin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Use of Propensity Scores in Mediation Analysis
Booil Jo; Elizabeth A. Stuart; David P. MacKinnon; Amiram D. Vinokur [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Covariate Selection in Propensity Scores Using Outcome Proxies
Ben Kelcey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Challenges With Propensity Score Strategies in a High-Dimensional Setting and a Potential Alternative
Jennifer Hill; Christopher Weiss; Fuhua Zhai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Use of Propensity Scores for Nonrandomized Designs With Clustered Data
Felix J. Thoemmes; Stephen G. West [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Comparison of Paper and Online Tests Using a Within-Subjects Design and Propensity Score Matching Study
Susan M. Lottridge; W. Alan Nicewander; Howard C. Mitzel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]