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Research Policy, 40(6)

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Research Policy 

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International scientist mobility and the locus of knowledge and technology transfer
Jakob Edler, Heide Fier, Christoph Grimpe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Users as service innovators: The case of banking services
Pedro Oliveira, Eric von Hippel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A failure trichotomy in knowledge exploration and exploitation
Robin Gustafsson, Erkko Autio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating advantage in peripheral regions: The role of publicly funded R&D centres
Nola Hewitt-Dundas, Stephen Roper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing university technology development using organizational control theory
William H.A. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Job satisfaction patterns of scientists and engineers by status of birth?
Meghna Sabharwal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of NIH postdoctoral training grants on scientific productivity
Brian A. Jacob, Lars Lefgren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Performance impact of research policy at the Chinese Academy of Sciences?
Daqun Zhang, Rajiv D. Banker, Xiaoxuan Li, Wenbin Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using patent citation patterns to infer innovation market competition
Darshak Patel, Michael R. Ward [Publisher] [Google Scholar]