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Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 115(2)

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Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 

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Bringing ethics into focus: How regulatory focus and risk preferences influence (Un)ethical behavior
Francesca Gino, Joshua D. Margolis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cheating more when the spoils are split
Scott S. Wiltermuth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lack of sleep and unethical conduct
Christopher M. Barnes, John Schaubroeck, Megan Huth, Sonia Ghumman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Justified ethicality: Observing desired counterfactuals modifies ethical perceptions and behavior
Shaul Shalvi, Jason Dana, Michel J.J. Handgraaf, Carsten K.W. De Dreu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unable to resist temptation: How self-control depletion promotes unethical behavior
Francesca Gino, Maurice E. Schweitzer, Nicole L. Mead, Dan Ariely [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Linking ethical leadership to employee performance: The roles of leader–member exchange, self-efficacy, and organizational identification
Fred O. Walumbwa, David M. Mayer, Peng Wang, Hui Wang, Kristina Workman, Amanda L. Christensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A meta-analytic investigation of virtuality and information sharing in teams
Jessica R. Mesmer-Magnus, Leslie A. DeChurch, Miliani Jimenez-Rodriguez, Jessica Wildman, Marissa Shuffler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social influence of a coworker: A test of the effect of employee and coworker exchange ideologies on employees’ exchange qualities
Riki Takeuchi, Seokhwa Yun, Kin Fai Ellick Wong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of process and outcome accountability on judgment process and performance
Bart de Langhe, Stijn M.J. van Osselaer, Berend Wierenga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Feedback specificity, information processing, and transfer of training
Jodi S. Goodman, Robert E. Wood, Zheng Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of managerial regulatory fit priming on reactions to explanations
Andrew Li, Joel Evans, Michael S. Christian, Stephen W. Gilliland, Edgar E. Kausel, Jordan H. Stein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Whom to help? Immediacy bias in judgments and decisions about humanitarian aid
Michaela Huber, Leaf Van Boven, A. Peter McGraw, Laura Johnson-Graham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]