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Marketing Science, 30(3)

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Online Display Advertising: Targeting and Obtrusiveness
Avi Goldfarb and Catherine Tucker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commentary — When Is Less More, and How Much More? Thoughts on the Psychological and Economic Implications of Online Targeting and Obtrusiveness
Leonard M. Lodish and Americus Reed, II [Publisher]

Commentary–Discussion of "Online Display Advertising: Targeting and Obtrusiveness" by Avi Goldfarb and Catherine Tucker
Andrea M. Matwyshyn [Publisher]

Rejoinder–Implications of "Online Display Advertising: Targeting and Obtrusiveness"
Avi Goldfarb and Catherine Tucker [Publisher]

Gut Liking for the Ordinary: Incorporating Design Fluency Improves Automobile Sales Forecasts
Jan R. Landwehr, Aparna A. Labroo, and Andreas Herrmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Seeds of Negativity: Knowledge and Money
Mitchell J. Lovett and Ron Shachar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Dynamic Model of Sponsored Search Advertising
Song Yao and Carl F. Mela [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Regime-Switching Model of Cyclical Category Buying
Sungho Park and Sachin Gupta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multiple-Constraint Choice Models with Corner and Interior Solutions
Takuya Satomura, Jaehwan Kim, and Greg M. Allenby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Crisis and Consumption Smoothing
Pushan Dutt and V. Padmanabhan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scalable Inference of Customer Similarities from Interactions Data Using Dirichlet Processes
Michael Braun and Andre Bonfrer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficient Methods for Sampling Responses from Large-Scale Qualitative Data
Surendra N. Singh, Steve Hillmer, and Ze Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commentary–Reexamining Bayesian Model-Comparison Evidence of Cross-Brand Pass-Through
Jason A. Duan, Leigh McAlister, and Shameek Sinha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]