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Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(3)

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Journal of Applied Psychology 

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Does Human Capital Matter? A Meta-Analysis of the Relationship Between Human Capital and Firm Performance
T. Russell Crook, Samuel Y. Todd, James G. Combs, David J. Woehr, David J. Ketchen Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Executive Turnover: The Influence of Dispersion and Other Pay System Characteristics
Jake G. Messersmith, James P. Guthrie, Yong-Yeon Ji, Jeong-Yeon Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Think Crisis–Think Female: The Glass Cliff and Contextual Variation in the Think Manager–Think Male Stereotype
Michelle K. Ryan, S. Alexander Haslam, Mette D. Hersby, Renata Bongiorno [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and Outcomes of Organizational Support for Development: The Critical Role of Career Opportunities
Maria L. Kraimer, Scott E. Seibert, Sandy J. Wayne, Robert C. Liden, Jesus Bravo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward a Theory of Discontinuous Career Transition: Investigating Career Transitions Necessitated by Traumatic Life Events
J. Michael Haynie, Dean Shepherd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building Team Adaptive Capacity: The Roles of Sensegiving and Team Composition
Kenneth R. Randall, Christian J. Resick, Leslie A. DeChurch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Motivating and Demotivating Forces in Teams: Cross-Level Influences of Empowering Leadership and Relationship Conflict
Gilad Chen, Payal Nangia Sharma, Suzanne K. Edinger, Debra L. Shapiro, Jiing-Lih Farh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Managers and Their Teams Disagree: A Longitudinal Look at the Consequences of Differences in Perceptions of Organizational Support
Michael R. Bashshur, Ana Hernández, Vicente González-Romá [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Taking the Reins: The Effects of New Leader Status and Leadership Style on Team Performance
Stephen J. Sauer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Harming High Performers: A Social Comparison Perspective on Interpersonal Harming in Work Teams
Catherine K. Lam, Gerben S. Van der Vegt, Frank Walter, Xu Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Work Gets Unfair for the Depressed: Cross-Lagged Relations Between Organizational Justice Perceptions and Depressive Symptoms
Jessica Lang, Paul D. Bliese, Jonas W.B. Lang, Amy B. Adler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relationships of Role Stressors With Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Meta-Analysis
Erin M. Eatough, Chu-Hsiang Chang, Stephanie A. Miloslavic, Russell E. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fostering Good Citizenship Through Ethical Leadership: Exploring the Moderating Role of Gender and Organizational Politics
K. Michele Kacmar, Daniel G. Bachrach, Kenneth J. Harris, Suzanne Zivnuska [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Costs of Simultaneous Coping With Emotional Dissonance and Self-Control Demands at Work: Results From Two German Samples
Stefan Diestel, Klaus-Helmut Schmidt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Positive Events at Work on After-Work Fatigue: They Matter Most in Face of Adversity
Sven Gross, Norbert K. Semmer, Laurenz L. Meier, Wolfgang Kälin, Nicola Jacobshagen, Franziska Tschan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]