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Managing Service Quality, 21(3)

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Managing Service Quality 

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Private and public voice: exploring cultural influence
Scott R. Swanson, Robert Frankel, Mariusz Sagan, Douglas L. Johansen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond satisfaction: The relative importance of locational convenience, interpersonal relationships, and commitment across service types
Li-Wei Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing a framework for understanding e-service quality, its antecedents, consequences, and mediators
Jamie Carlson, Aron O’Cass [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of consumer’s event quality perception on destination image
Kae Sung Moon, May Kim, Yong Jae Ko, Daniel P. Connaughton, Jeoung Hak Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessment of event quality in major spectator sports
Yong Jae Ko, James Zhang, Kevin Cattani, Donna Pastore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]