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Sela Sar, Russ Laczniak, Tina Lowrey and Brian Till have won best reviewer awards from the Journal of Advertising

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The Journal of Advertising (JA) Best Reviewer Award recognizes the diligent service that reviewers provide to JA and its readership community. Recipients for this award are selected by the editor for their timely, thorough, and constructive reviews, usually above and beyond their obligations as members of the editorial review board or as ad-hoc reviewers.

Recipients of the Journal of Advertising Best Reviewer Award for 2010 are:

Journal of Advertising Best Reviewer (Editorial Review Board)

Sela Sar, Iowa State University
Russ Laczniak, Iowa State University
Tina Lowrey, University of Texas at San Antonio
Brian Till, Loyola University

Journal of Advertising Best Ad-Hoc Reviewer

Michael Dorsch, The American University of Paris

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