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Consumption, Markets and Culture, 14(2)

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Consumption, Markets and Culture 

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Special Issue: Themed Experiences and Spaces

Guest Editors’ Introduction Themed experiences and spaces
A. Fuat Firat; Simone Pettigrew; Russell W. Belk [Publisher]

Disney and the presentation of colonial America
Laurie A. Meamber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hearts and minds: children’s experiences of Disney World
Simone Pettigrew [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disney discourses of self and Other: animality, primitivity, modernity, and postmodernity
Shona Bettany; Russell W. Belk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consuming the “world”: reflexivity, aesthetics, and authenticity at Disney World’s EPCOT Center
H. Rika Houston; Laurie A. Meamber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Living a theme
A. Fuat Firat; Ebru Ulusoy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shame, consumption, redemption: reflections on a tour of Graceland
Kent Drummond [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Graceland: a found pantoum
Roel Wijland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]