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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 18(3)

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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 

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Special issue on retailing research from the Nordic countries
Ulf Johansson, Jens Nordfält [Publisher]

Improving the attention-capturing ability of special displays with the combination effect and the design effect
Jens Nordfält [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Other customers in the retail environment and their impact on the customer’s evaluations of the retailer
Magnus Söderlund [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Standardized marketing strategies in retailing? IKEA’s marketing strategies in Sweden, the UK and China
Steve Burt, Ulf Johansson, Åsa Thelander [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Buying or lying—the role of social pressure and temporal disjunction of intention assessment and behavior on the predictive ability of good intentions
Niclas Öhman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Shopping as leisure: An exploration of manifoldness and dynamics in consumers shopping experiences”
Kristina Bäckström [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attribute satisfaction and experiential involvement in evaluations of live musical performance: Theory and managerial implications for services
Angela Hausman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shopping events, shopping enjoyment, and consumers’ attitudes toward retail brands—An empirical examination
Alexander Leischnig, Marko Schwertfeger, Anja Geigenmüller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Which household attitudes determine the store type choice for meat?
Alexander Staus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of pre-existing attitude and conflict management style on customer satisfaction with service recovery
Ebrahim Mazaheri, Debra Z. Basil, Venkata Yanamandram, Zoltan Daroczi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]