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Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing, 12(4)

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Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing 

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Derek Holder and Robin Fairlie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In which contexts do different market segmentation strategies work best?
Richard Webber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online market research: Methods, benefits and issues – Part 1
Pete Comley and Jon Beaumont [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Connected customer lifetime value: The impact of social media
Bruce D Weinberg and Paul D Berger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Towards integrated e-marketing value creation process
S Umit Kucuk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Salvation Army: How to improve a best-of-breed donor recruitment campaign
Mike Colling [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New online ad control regime to be imposed without consultation
Stephen Groom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Virgin media defends ‘service’ email
Anna Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Key prize promo rule changes in new CAP and BCAP Codes
Hannah Willson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]