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Journal of International Business Studies, 42(4)

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Journal of International Business Studies 

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Incorporating cultural values for understanding the influence of perceived product creativity on intention to buy: An examination in Italy and the US
Gaia Rubera, Andrea Ordanini and David A Griffith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

National culture and capital structure decisions: Evidence from foreign joint ventures in China
Kai Li, Dale Griffin, Heng Yue and Longkai Zhao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Country-of-origin and industry FDI agglomeration of foreign investors in an emerging economy
Danchi Tan and Klaus E Meyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why do international assignees stay? An organizational embeddedness perspective
B Sebastian Reiche, Maria L Kraimer and Anne-Wil Harzing [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Historical ties and foreign direct investment: An exploratory study
Shige Makino and Eric W K Tsang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why are different services outsourced to different countries?
Runjuan Liu, Dorothee J Feils and Barry Scholnick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]