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International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 21(2)

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Intl Rev of Retail, Dist and Consumer Res 

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The use and effectiveness of formal and informal surveillance in reducing shoplifting: a survey in Sweden, Norway and Finland
Arto Lindblom; Sami Kajalo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The (un)importance of the closure of village shops to rural migration patterns
Jan Amcoff; Peter Möller; Erik Westholm [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Challenges in the supply of perishable products to island communities
Eric Calderwood; Paul Freathy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand and stock-keeping-unit (SKU) assortments, assortment changes and category sales
Lay Peng Tan; Jack Cadeaux [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Retailing in Indian malls: antecedents to retailers’ preferences for mall-store space
Arpita Khare; Sapna Rakesh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]