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The Journal of Consumer Affairs recognizes the exceptional contributions made by Russell James III and Cliff Robb

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Exceptional Contributions by JCA Reviewers in 2010-11

At the recent American Council on Consumer Interests conference in Washington, DC, the editor of Journal of Consumer Affairs recognized two of the people whose work has been the most instrumental in contributing to editorial decisions and improving the quality of manuscripts published in JCA.

These people have repeatedly accepted the duty of handling papers, sometimes two at the same time, plus providing fast and detailed assistance for authors and important guidance for editorial decisions. In presenting the award, the editor noted that in the time most reviewers take to send a reply indicating that they received the request to review, the two scholars honored today usually have sent in their completed reviews, including three or four pages of insightful comments for authors. Cited for their outstanding service as reviewers, Editorial Review Board members and special advisors to the editor during the past year were:

Russell James III of Texas Tech University


Cliff Robb of University of Alabama