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Celebrating Our History?Ensuring a Viable Future for Sales Research, Academy of Marketing Science Preconference Session, Miami, 24 May 2011

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Join your colleagues in celebrating a tri-fecta of anniversaries at the

Academy of Marketing Science Preconference Session

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
8:30am – 12:00pm

Celebrating Our History…Ensuring a Viable Future for Sales Research

2010-2011 represents an important academic year for sales scholars. The Academy of Marketing Science celebrates its 40th Anniversary, the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management (JPSSM) celebrates its 30th Anniversary, and Baylor University celebrates the 25th Anniversary of its Center for Professional Selling. JPSSM and Baylor commemorated their anniversaries through a September 2010 Research Symposium. The celebration will continue with a pre-conference Anniversary Session of the Academy of Marketing Science in May 2011.

This pre-AMS-conference session brings content from 40+ sales experts from academe and industry representing nine countries to summarize the current state of our knowledge and map out directions for future research ensuring a viable future for sales research. This preconference session is included in the cost of the regular AMS Conference registration fee; to register, click here.

Presenters and papers include:

Strategic Account Management: Conceptualizing, Integrating, and Extending the Doman From Fluid to Dedicated Accounts

Presenter: Gary K. Hunter
Authors: Kevin D. Bradford, Goutam N. Challagalla, Gary K. Hunter, and William C. Moncrief, III

Building Internal Competitive Advantage: The Marketing-Sales Interface at the Interface

Presenter: Doug Hughes
Authors: Doug Hughes, Joel LeBon, Avinash Malshe, Jan Feddersen

The Role of the Sales Force in Value Creation and Appropriation: New Directions for Research

Presenter: Chris Blocker and Nikolaos Panagopoulos
Authors: Chris Blocker, Joe Cannon, Nick Panagopoulos, Jeff Sager

Advancing Sales Performance Research:  A Focus on Five Under-Researched Topic Areas

Presenters: Bart Dietz and Fernando Jaramillo
Authors: Jim Dickie, Bart Dietz, Ken Evans, Fernando Jaramillo, Richard McFarland

Sales Force Turnover and Retention: A Research Agenda

Presenter: Vincent Onyemah and Bill Weeks
Authors: Jim Boles, George Dudley, Vincent Onyemah, Dominique Rouzies, Bill Weeks

What Don’t We Know About New Product Selling? A Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) Perspective on Knowledge Needs Within This Domain

Presenter: George Allen
Authors: George Allen, Lance Bettencourt, Larry Chonko, Alex Haas, Alex Zablah

Challenges of CRM Implementation in Business-to-Business Markets: A Contingency Perspective

Presenter: Adam Rapp
Authors: Mike Ahearne, Shanker Ganesan, B.J. Mariadoss, Adam Rapp

The Future of Sales Training:  Challenges and Related Research Questions

Presenter: Rita di Mascio
Authors: Rita di Mascio, Tom Ingram, Florian Kraus, Felicia Lassk

Effects of Incentive Systems on Corporate Strategy, Sales Managers, Sales Professionals, and Customers – What We Know and Need to Know

Presenter: Thomas DeCarlo
Authors: Thomas DeCarlo, Manfred Krafft, Byron Matthews, F. Juliet Poujol, Jeff Tanner

Sales Network Engineering: The Evolution of the Traditional Sales Manager

Presenter: Andrea Dixon
Authors: Karen Flaherty, Son Lam, Nick Lee, Jay Mulki,  Andrea Dixon

Co-Chairs of this Pre-Conference Session:

Andrea L. Dixon –  Holloway Professorship in Marketing; Executive Director – Keller Center for Research and Center for Professional Selling, Baylor University

Jeff Tanner – Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Research in the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University

Mike Ahearne –Executive Director of the Sales Excellence Institute, Professor of Marketing at the University of Houston, and Editor of the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management