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Journal of Product & Brand Management, 20(2)

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Journal of Product & Brand Management 

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Strategic brand association maps: developing brand insight
Brian D. Till, Daniel Baack, Brian Waterman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer response to gift promotions
Teresa Montaner, Leslie de Chernatony, Isabel Buil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is the polarization index a valid measure of loyalty for evaluating changes over time?
Armando Maria Corsi, Cam Rungie, Leonardo Casini [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Maximising sponsorship opportunities: a brand model approach
Nicolas Renard, Lionel Sitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of country of origin on brand equity: an empirical study on generic drugs
Shamindra Nath Sanyal, Saroj Kumar Datta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing from the end of the earth: the dilemma of Puerto Nativo Lodge
Jose A. Santiago, Dennis A. Pitta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The consumer psychology of mail-in rebates
John T. Gourville, Dilip Soman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Structural and perceptual determinants of the price of online business education
Hooman Estelami, Zeinab Rezvani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]