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Journal of Supply Chain Management, 47(2)

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Journal of Supply Chain Management 

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A Call For Theory: The Maturation Of The Supply Chain Management Discipline
Craig R. Carter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Theory Building In The Om/Scm Field: Pointing To The Future By Looking At The Past
Thomas Y. Choi and John G. Wacker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building Theory About Supply Chain Management: Some Tools From The Organizational Sciences
David J. Ketchen Jr., G. Tomas and M. Hult [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Moving From Ideas To A Theoretical Contribution: Comments On The Process Of Developing Theory In Organizational Research
Violina Rindova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Getting The Reader To “I Get It!”: Clarification, Differentiation and Illustration
Paul F. Skilton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects Of Suppliers’ Reputation On The Future Of Buyer–Supplier Relationships: The Mediating Roles Of Outcome Fairness and Trust
Stephan M. Wagner, Linda Silver Coley and Eckhard Lindemann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Benefiting From Supplier Operational Innovativeness: The Influence Of Supplier Evaluations and Absorptive Capacity
Arash Azadegan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making Sense Of Supply Disruption Risk Research: A Conceptual Framework Grounded In Enactment Theory
Scott C. Ellis, Jeff Shockley and Raymond M. Henry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Drives The Choice Of A Third-Party Logistics Provider?
Edward J. Anderson, Tim Coltman, Timothy M. Devinney and Byron Keating [Publisher] [Google Scholar]