IOSIG Lifetime Achievement Award


IOSIG invites nominations and self-nominations for the Fifth Annual Interorganizational SIG Lifetime Achievement Award; Deadline 30 Apr 2011

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Nominations (including self-nominations) are invited for the Fifth Annual Interorganizational SIG Lifetime Achievement Award. Previous winners of the award include Bart Weitz, V. Kumar, Erin Anderson, Bob Lusch, Gary Frazier, and George John. The award will be presented during the AMA Summer Educators’ Conference in August 2011 at the IOSIG membership reception. Nominees should demonstrate the following award criteria:

  1. Long-term and significant contributions to various streams of interorganizational research such as channel management, interfirm alliances, buyer-seller relationships, and relationship marketing, among others.
  2. Sustained record of research excellence in the domain.
  3. Service to the Interorg academy and/or profession.

The award committee includes George John (University of Minnesota and Committee Chair), Joe Cannon (Colorado State University), and Manish Kacker(McMaster University). Electronic nominations are preferred. Nominations are due by Saturday, April 30, 2011.

Please send nominations to:

George John, Professor and Chair of Marketing
Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota
321 Nineteenth Avenue South, Suite 3-150
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0438 USA
(612) 624-6841, fax (612) 624-8804