Who Went Where 2011


Recently hired doctoral candidates and graduates in the marketing discipline are asked to fill out the Annual AMA DocSIG Who Went Where Survey

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Hello recently hired doctoral candidates and graduates,

It is once again time to conduct the Annual DocSIG "Who Went Where" Survey at:


As you probably know, DocSIG is the Doctoral Student Special Interest Group under the American Marketing Association’s academic division. Every year, DocSIG conducts the "Who Went Where" Survey, which asks recently hired doctoral candidates and graduates in the marketing discipline to provide information about their job search. While the survey’s goal in its initial years was to inform fellow candidates about the placement of their peers, the survey has grown to provide critical information about job placement and the job search process. It is now considered a benchmark for our field.

For many marketing doctoral students, the job search and hiring experience is a mysterious one. While there will always be many "unknowns," the "Who Went Where" Survey sheds some light on the process, allowing students to rely on the "facts" as opposed to only anecdotal information. How many letters should I send out? Should I have data for my dissertation before going to the market? The survey is designed to help future marketing doctoral candidates answer questions like these.

Thus, we strongly encourage ALL MARKETING DOCTORAL CANDIDATES OR GRADUATES WHO HAVE BEEN HIRED FOR THE 2011 ACADEMIC YEAR to participate in this year’s survey. EVERYONE’S input is valued. In order for us to gain an accurate picture of the marketplace for marketing doctoral students, your input is essential. The results from this survey are critically important to allow others to understand the full spectrum of opportunities available to those who pursue a doctorate in marketing. Widespread participation will help ensure a representative sample and results that are non-biased. Except for a respondent’s name and the institutions with which he/she is associated, all answers will be COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and will be reported in aggregate only. Furthermore, reporting your name and the institutions with which you are associated with is OPTIONAL. The deadline to complete the online survey is April 24, 2011. The survey results will be posted on DocSIG’s website (www.docsig.org) in early Summer. If you know a recently hired candidate/graduate in marketing that may not subscribe to this listserv, we encourage you to forward this message to him/her.

This web survey has been designed to take only about 10 to 15 minutes.

Simply click on the following link to begin:


Congratulations for all you’ve accomplished thus far, and thank you very much for supporting DocSIG!

Veronica Thomas
VP of Research, DocSIG
Kent State University