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Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 10(2)

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Journal of Consumer Behaviour 

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Differences in consumer preferences when facing branded versus non-branded choices
David Ubilava, Kenneth A. Foster, Jayson L. Lusk and Tomas Nilsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Preference stability belief as a determinant of response to personalized recommendations
Anyuan Shen and A. Dwayne Ball [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Countering negative country of origin effects using imagery processing
Brett A.S. Martin, Michael Shyue Wai Lee and Charlotte Lacey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“No More” leads to “Want More,” but “No Less” leads to “Want Less”: Consumers’ counterfactual thinking when faced with quantity restriction discounts
Sukki Yoon and Patrick Vargas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Profiling key purchase influencers: Those perceived as consumer savvy
Clive Nancarrow, Julie Tinson and Ian Brace [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intergenerational possession transfers and identity maintenance
Carolyn F. Curasi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]