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Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(2)

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Journal of Applied Psychology 

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Steve W.J. Kozlowski [Publisher]

Dynamic Aspects of Voluntary Turnover: An Integrated Approach to Curvilinearity in the Performance–Turnover Relationship
William J. Becker, Russell Cropanzano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Power of “We”: Effects of Psychological Collectivism on Team Performance Over Time
Erich C. Dierdorff, Suzanne T. Bell, James A. Belohlav [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Seeking Help From Teammates Is a Blessing and a Curse: A Theory of Help Seeking and Individual Creativity in Team Contexts
Jennifer S. Mueller, Dishan Kamdar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creative Self-Efficacy Development and Creative Performance Over Time
Pamela Tierney, Steven M. Farmer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Autonomy to Creativity: A Multilevel Investigation of the Mediating Role of Harmonious Passion
Dong Liu, Xiao-Ping Chen, Xin Yao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors on Selection Decisions in Employment Interviews
Nathan P. Podsakoff, Steven W. Whiting, Philip M. Podsakoff, Paresh Mishra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward an Understanding of Situational Judgment Item Validity and Group Differences
Michael A. McDaniel, Joseph Psotka, Peter J. Legree, Amy Powell Yost, Jeff A. Weekley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ambivalence Toward Imposed Change: The Conflict Between Dispositional Resistance to Change and the Orientation Toward the Change Agent
Shaul Oreg, Noga Sverdlik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service Without a Smile: Comparing the Consequences of Neutral and Positive Display Rules
John P. Trougakos, Christine L. Jackson, Daniel J. Beal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Overcoming Negative Reactions of Nonbeneficiaries to Employment Equity: The Effect of Participation in Policy Formulation
Ivona Hideg, John L. Michela, D. Lance Ferris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Willing and Able to Fake Emotions: A Closer Examination of the Link Between Emotional Dissonance and Employee Well-Being
S. Douglas Pugh, Markus Groth, Thorsten Hennig-Thurau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Contingency Model of Conflict and Team Effectiveness
Jason D. Shaw, Jing Zhu, Michelle K. Duffy, Kristin L. Scott, Hsi-An Shih, Ely Susanto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thick as Thieves: The Effects of Ethical Orientation and Psychological Safety on Unethical Team Behavior
Matthew J. Pearsall, Aleksander P.J. Ellis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Are Transgressing Leaders Punitively Judged? An Empirical Test
Debra L. Shapiro, Alan D. Boss, Silvia Salas, Subrahmaniam Tangirala, Mary Ann Von Glinow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service Employees Give as They Get: Internal Service as a Moderator of the Service Climate–Service Outcomes Link
Karen Holcombe Ehrhart, L.A. Witt, Benjamin Schneider, Sara Jansen Perry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the Job Search–Turnover Relationship: The Role of Embeddedness, Job Satisfaction, and Available Alternatives
Brian W. Swider, Wendy R. Boswell, Ryan D. Zimmerman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]