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Annals of Tourism Research, 38(2)

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Annals of Tourism Research 

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A critical review of tourism and oil
Susanne Becken [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Politics of imaging New Caledonia
Anne-Marie d’Hauteserre [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gazing from home: Cultural tourism and art museums
Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism and ageing: A transformative research agenda
Diane Sedgley, Annette Pritchard, Nigel Morgan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ghosts: A travel barrier to tourism recovery
Bongkosh Rittichainuwat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Explaining residents’ attitudes to tourismIs a universal model possible?
Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez, Nuria Porras-Bueno, María de los Ángeles Plaza-Mejía [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourist information center staff as knowledge brokersThe Case of Macau
Cora U.I. Wong, Bob McKercher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Wind turbines in tourism landscapesCzech Experience
Bohumil Frantál, Josef Kunc [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shared national memory as intangible heritageRe-imagining Two Koreas as One Nation
Hyung yu Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Territorial brands for tourism developmentA statistical analysis on the Marche region
Eleonora Lorenzini, Viviana Calzati, Paolo Giudici [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethnic tourism and cultural representation
Li Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism and human mobility in Spanish Archipelagos
Josefina Domínguez-Mujica, Jesús González-Pérez, Juan Parreño-Castellano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cooperation among prominent actors in a tourist destination
Pietro Beritelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economic linkages and impacts across the talc
Stephen Pratt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Life cycles, stages and tourism history: The Catalonia (Spain) Experience
Luis Garay, Gemma Cànoves [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism and the military: Pleasure and the War Economy
Adam Weaver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Backpackers and mainstreamersRealities and Myths
Svein Larsen, Torvald Øgaard, Wibecke Brun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Role of hotel design in enhancing destination branding
Timothy Jeonglyeol Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourist sights as semiotic signsA Critical Commentary
Raymond W.K. Lau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Photo Ethnography Of Tourism As Neo-Colonialism
Ranjan Bandyopadhyay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The customer delight constructIs Surprise Essential?
John C. Crotts, Vincent P. Magnini [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Urban rhythms and travel behaviour: Spatial and temporal phenomena of daily travel
Serena Volo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Values in tourism: An itinerary to tourism ethics
Michael M.G. Scantlebury [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding tourism: A critical introduction
Greg Richards [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism and generation Y
Zafer Öter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism and political change
Marina Novelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing innovations for sustainable destinations
Luiz Moutinho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond backpacker tourism: Mobilities and experiences
Benjamin L. Iaquinto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Health tourism: Social welfare through international trade
Marion Joppe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Practical tourism research
Li Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism in Japan: an ethno-semiotic analysis
Nelson H.H. Graburn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]