Sherwin‑Williams 2011


The Society for Marketing Advances / Sherwin Williams Call for Distinguished Teaching Competition; Deadline 15 Apr 2011


Sherwin Williams Call for Distinguished Teaching

Teaching?   Instruction?  How good are you……. REALLY?  Let’s find out? 

Since 1998, the Sherwin Williams Company has partnered with the Society for Marketing Advances.  This effort has brought the best of the best business professors together in a national teaching competition.  This competition provides an opportunity for individuals who are distinguishing themselves as master teachers to see how good they really are.

For administrators, I encourage you to nominate faculty that have demonstrated excellence in their instructional endeavors.  For faculty, I highly encourage you to enter the 2011 Sherwin‑Williams Competition.  At SMA in Memphis, November 3, finalists will make presentations and receive a really nice plaque and an honorarium (read $$$$ money for all finalists).  If you have entered before, I encourage you to enter again.  Numerous recipients listed below have competed more than once to finally reach the top.  This is a fun, tough, rewarding competition.  No matter where you are in your career, I guarantee you will learn from the finalists’ presentations.   

The application package should include a one page statement of teaching philosophy, a condensed curriculum vitae (no more than 2 pages), and supporting evidence of teaching excellence (no more than 5 pages). Electronic submission is preferred.

The deadline has been extended to April 15.

The Society’s 2011 Annual Conference will be in Memphis, Tennessee, November 2 – 5, 2011 at the historic Peabody Hotel. The Conference Theme is Sensory Marketing…The Next Frontier.


Previous Recipients

John Drea, 1998,

Western Illinois University

Dhruv Grewal, 2005,

Babson College

Brian Engelland, 1999,

Mississippi State University

Doug Hoffman, 2006,

Colorado State University

Tracy Suter, 2000,

Oklahoma State University

Jeff Conant, 2007,

Texas A&M

Erika Matulich, 2001,

University of Tampa

Richard Lutz, 2008,

University of Florida

Mandeep Singh, 2002,

Western Illinois University

Danny Butler, 2009,

Auburn University

Don Self, 2003,

Auburn University Montgomery

Barbara Woolridge, 2010,

University of Texas-Tyler

Richard Buchanan, 2004,

Massey University (NZ)

2011,   Your Name Here 

Submissions and questions:

Danny Butler, Thomas Walter Professor
College of Business – Auburn University
201 Lowder Business Building
Auburn, AL 36849
phone: +1 334.844.2464