Revisit: EMAC 2011


EMAC?s Climber Community: A face-to-face networking platform for young post-doctoral academics, Ljubljana, 26 May 2011; Deadline 15 Apr

At the 40th EMAC Conference in Ljubljana a new platform for the “lost generation” between PhD students and full professors will be initiated: academics at an early stage of their career, which hold a post-doc position (e.g., assistant professor, research fellow, etc.) in Marketing, are invited to the first EMAC’s “climber community” (CC) on Thursday afternoon during the conference.

Several research organizations and conferences in Europe offer a special program for PhD students and/or networking possibilities for full professors. However, the generation between beginners and successful leaders sometimes seems to be forgotten, although they represent the potential marketing professors of the future. After finishing their PhD, they have taken their career decision, and chosen the academic pathway. Some of them have probably started to build up a network with peers during their PhD studies, have developed expertise in their field of research and applied methods, attended international conferences, and have perhaps already published their first journal articles. In other words, they are the “climbers” of the European Marketing Academy.

Exactly for and with these young academics, we would like to initiate and build a post-doc community in Marketing throughout Europe and other continents. The first step will be an initial CC-meeting during the upcoming EMAC conference: Thursday, 26th of May 2011, from 16.00 – 17.30.

The main topics of this first CC-meeting will be the following:

  • Introduction of the EMAC’s CC initiative
  • Keynote presentation followed by an open discussion: Professor Peter Leeflang, excellent researcher with an impressing CV and a long list of prizes and publications in top international journals and founding member of EMAC will participate in this first CC-meeting as keynote-speaker and mentor. He will talk about 15 lessons he learned throughout his career; one focus of his presentation will be giving insights into and recommendations for the participants regarding the tenure process.
  • Tenure process: due to the diversity of the “tenure phase” and processes in Europe, similarities and differences, as well as challenges and recommendations will be introduced and discussed (e.g. insights into the tenure process, main challenges and critical factors for success, the evaluation and application process, etc.).
  • Networking (getting to know each other; who else is in my stage and in my research field; who is facing the same challenges as I do; …) and taking the first step to develop an international research network.

This platform will be open to all post docs (and PhD students in their final phase who want to stay in academia), who are members of the EMAC, and will incorporate an offline and an online perspective. Join us already prior the CC-meeting:

Due to organizational issues and to facilitate networking possibilities during the CC-meeting, an informal registration is required:

You want to participate at the first CC-meeting? Please send an informal email including a 1-page CV (bio, main 3 publications (if applicable) and main research interest) to Melanie Zaglia
(melanie.zaglia @ by no later than: 15th of April 2011.  In case you would like to get to know more about this initiative, please feel free to contact me also.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the EMAC and building the climber community together!

Melanie E. Zaglia
Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism
Innsbruck University School of Management