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Journal of Economic Psychology, 32(2)

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Journal of Economic Psychology 

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The Economic Psychology of Poverty
Paul Anand, Stephen Lea [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Poverty and psychological distress in Latin America
Mariano Rojas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Socioeconomic status, neighborhood disadvantage, and poverty-related stress: Prospective effects on psychological syndromes among diverse low-income families
Catherine DeCarlo Santiago, Martha E. Wadsworth, Jessica Stump [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Adolescents’ understanding of poverty and the poor in rural Malaysia
Murnizam Halik, Paul Webley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Humanitarian work psychology: The contributions of organizational psychology to poverty reduction
Mary O’Neill Berry, Walter Reichman, Jane Klobas, Malcolm MacLachlan, Harry C. Hui, Stuart C. Carr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exiting unemployment: How do program effects depend on individual coping strategies?
Signe Hald Andersen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reference group consumption and the subjective wellbeing of the poor in Peru
Monica Guillen-Royo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the absolutist vs relativist perception of poverty using a cross-country questionnaire survey
Luca Corazzini, Lucio Esposito, Francesca Majorano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The psychology and behavioural economics of poverty
Paul Anand, Stephen Lea [Publisher] [Google Scholar]