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Harvard Business Review, 89(4)

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Harvard Business Review 

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Strategies for Learning from Failure
Amy C. Edmondson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical Breakdowns
Max H. Bazerman and Ann E. Tenbrunsel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Leaders Don’t Learn from Success
Francesca Gino and Gary P. Pisano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Failing by Design
Rita Gunther McGrath [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to Avoid Catastrophe
Catherine H. Tinsley, Robin L. Dillon, and Peter M. Madsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building Resilience
Martin E.P. Seligman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Failure Chronicles
Doug Rauch, Linda Rottenberg, Anthony Tjan, Roger McNamee, Wayne Pacelle, Peter Guber, Whitney Johnson, and Dave Strubler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Globe: How China Reset Its Global Acquisition Agenda
Peter J. Williamson and Anand P. Raman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]