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Academy of Management Review, 36(2)

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Academy of Management Review 

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Editors’ Comments: Myth Busting—What we Hear and What We’ve Learned About AMR
Adelaide W. King, Associate Editor, David Lepak, Associate Editor [Publisher]

Embracing the Sacred in Our Secular Scholarly World
James P. Walsh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Where Are the New Theories of Organization?
Roy Suddaby, Cynthia Hardy, Quy Nguyen Huy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Generating Research Questions Through Problematization
Mats Alvesson, Jörgen Sandberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New Knowledge Products as Bricolage: Metaphors and Scripts in Organizational Theory
Eva Boxenbaum, Linda Rouleau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Blue Sky Research to Problem Solving: A Philosophy of Science Theory of New Knowledge Production
Martin Kilduff, Ajay Mehra, Mary B. Dunn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Borrowing to Blending: Rethinking the Processes of Organizational Theory Building
Cliff Oswick, Peter Fleming, Gerard Hanlon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Grasping the Logic of Practice: Theorizing Through Practical Rationality
Jörgen Sandberg, Haridimos Tsoukas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inductive Top-Down Theorizing: A Source of New Theories of Organization
Dean A. Shepherd, Kathleen M. Sutcliffe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward a Theory of Paradox: A Dynamic Equilibrium Model of Organizing
Wendy K. Smith, Marianne W. Lewis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Contrastive Explanation Facilitates Theory Building
Eric W. K. Tsang, Florian Ellsaesser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]