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Managing Service Quality, 21(2)

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Managing Service Quality 

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Development and testing of the Consumer Experience Index (CEI)
SeungHyun Kim, JaeMin Cha, Bonnie J. Knutson, Jeffrey A. Beck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Generating positive word-of-mouth in the service experience
Sandy Ng, Meredith E. David, Tracey S. Dagger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service co-creation in community-based aged healthcare
Liz Gill, Lesley White, Ian Douglas Cameron [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer language preferences in service encounters: a cross-cultural perspective
Jonas Holmqvist [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A comparison of users and non-users of banking self-service technology in Portugal
João F. Proença, Maria Antónia Rodrigues [Publisher] [Google Scholar]