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International Journal of Product Development, 13(2)

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International Journal of Product Development 

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Free revealing in open innovation: a comparison of different models and their benefits for companies
Tim Schweisfurth, Christina Raasch, Cornelius Herstatt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Functional product system availability: simulation-driven design and operation through coupled multi-objective optimisation
Magnus Lofstrand, John Andrews, Magnus Karlberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigation of the applicability of Design for X tools during design concept evolution: a literature review
Ming-Chuan Chiu, Gul E. Okudan Kremer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evidence for using Interactive Genetic Algorithms in shape preference assessment
Jarod C. Kelly, Gregory H. Wakefield, Panos Y. Papalambros [Publisher] [Google Scholar]