EuroMed 2011


4th Annual EuroMed Academy of Business Conference, Track on Marketing and Sustainability, Elounda, Crete, Greece, 20-21 Oct 2011; Deadline 16 May

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4th Annual EuroMed Conference of The EuroMed Academy of Business
20th -21st October 2011

Track on “Marketing and sustainability”

I am organizing a track entitled “Marketing and Sustainability” for the EuroMed Academy of Business conference, which takes place in October 2011. Sustainability perspective to marketing is gaining research attention as the stakeholders’ (consumers, firms, government, civil society etc) role, interest and commitment towards attaining triple E (ecology, economic, equity) balance has taken the front burner. Sustainability marketing as a broad theme covers ecological sustainability, economic sustainability and social responsibility. In this track, I hope to attract papers that address the various perspectives to sustainability marketing especially as it affects policy, industry and consumers and development. You are free to craft you theme to address the spirit of the track.

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Revd Dr Anayo D, Nkamnebe (Track Chair)
Associate Professor of Marketing
Nnamdi Azikiwe University Nigeria