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Social Marketing Quarterly, 17(1)

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Social Marketing Quarterly 

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Evaluating a County-Sponsored Social Marketing Campaign to Increase Mothers’ Initiation of HPV Vaccine for Their Preteen Daughters in a Primarily Rural Area
Joan R. Cates; Autumn Shafer; Sandra J. Diehl; Allison M. Deal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analyses for the U.S. 2010 Census Partnership Program
Mary H. Mulry; Timothy P. Olson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effectiveness of Social Marketing in Reduction of Teenage Pregnancies: A Review of Studies in Developed Countries
Anthony Simiyu Wakhisi; Pascale Allotey; Namrata Dhillon; Daniel D. Reidpath [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizational Use of a Media Campaign Booklet to Encourage Parent–Child Communication About Waiting to Have Sex
Jennifer C. Gard; Marni L. Kan; Sarah B. Jones; J. Cassie Williams; W. Douglas Evans; Kevin C. Davis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fun, Friend, or Foe: Youth Perceptions and Definitions of Online Gambling
Margee Hume; Gillian Sullivan Mort [Publisher] [Google Scholar]