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Journal of Consumer Affairs, 45(1)

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Journal of Consumer Affairs 

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Marketing for Public Health: We Need an App for That
Marla B. Royne And Marian Levy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advertising Framing Effects and Consideration of Future Consequences
Jeremy Kees [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing Breast Health Messages for Women in Rural Populations
Eric Haley, Elizabeth J. Avery and Sally J. Mcmillan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nutrition Information and Children’s Fast Food Menu Choices
Mary Ann Stutts, Gail M. Zank, Karen H. Smith And Sally A. Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Parental Communication Style’s Impact on Children’s Attitudes Toward Obesity and Food Advertising
Hyunjae (Jay) Yu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Heterogeneous Consumer Responses to Snack Food Taxes and Warning Labels
Ryan D. Lacanilao, Sean B. Cash And Wiktor L. Adamowicz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Adolescents’ Perceived Media Influence on Peers Affects Smoking Decisions
Hye-Jin Paek, Albert C. Gunther, Douglas M. Mcleod And Thomas Hove [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Enhancing Self-Referencing to Health Messages
Chingching Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]