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Harvard Business Review, 89(3)

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Harvard Business Review 

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The New M&A Playbook
Clayton M. Christensen, Richard Alton, Curtis Rising, and Andrew Waldeck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Capitalism for the Long Term
Dominic Barton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Smart Business Experiments
Eric T. Anderson and Duncan Simester [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Globe: Is the Bottom of the Pyramid Really for You?
Ashish Karamchandani, Mike Kubzansky, and Nishant Lalwani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The New Path To the C-Suite
Boris Groysberg, L. Kevin Kelly, and Bryan MacDonald [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reinventing Your Personal Brand
Dorie Clark [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing Your Global Know-How
Siegfried Russwurm, Luis Hernández, Susan Chambers, and Keumyong Chung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Battle for China’s Talent
Conrad Schmidt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Short Life of Online Sales Leads
James B. Oldroyd , Kristina McElheran , and David Elkington [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to Make Onshoring Work
Aditya Pande [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Defend Your Research: Experts Are More Persuasive When They’re Less Certain
Zakary Tormala [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Vision Statement: Locating Your Next Strategic Opportunity
Sean Gourley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How I Did It: The CEO of Aramex on Turning a Failed Sale into a Huge Opportunity
Fadi Ghandour [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Yourself: Zoom In, Zoom Out
Rosabeth Moss Kanter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Crucible: How a CEO’s Injury Helped Him Revitalize His Young Firm
Daniel McGinn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

HBR Case Study: An Angel Investor with an Agenda
Regina E. Herzlinger and Beatriz Muñoz-Seca [Publisher] [Google Scholar]