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Mass Customization, Personalization, and Co-Creation 2011, San Francisco, 17-19 Nov 2011; Deadline 7 Apr

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MCPC 2011 Call for Papers: Bridging Mass Customization & Open Innovation –
San Francisco – Nov 2011

The MCPC conference series is coming to the West Coast. Our 2011 theme will be "Bridging Mass Customization & Open Innovation".

Mass customization, personalization, and co-creation (MCPC) strategies aim to profit from the fact that people are different. Their objective is to turn customer heterogeneities into profit opportunities, hence addressing the current trend of long tail business models. Mass customization means to provide goods and services that best serve individual customers’ personal needs with near mass production efficiency.

Open innovation is the idea that companies should make greater use of external ideas and technologies in their own business, and allow unused internal ideas to flow out to others for use in their business. It is the antithesis of a closed innovation process which relies on internal R&D and deep vertical integration.

While developed separately and founded in different theoretical and conceptual backgrounds, mass customization and open innovation are closely linked and can benefit from a broader exchange between both schools of thought. The MCPC 2011 wants to engage academics, business leaders, and consultants in fundamental debates on these themes through a set of plenary presentations, discussion panels, and paper presentations.

For more information on the topic, please refer to the full call for papers

The 2011 conference will be hosted and co-chaired by Prof. Henry Chesbrough form UC Berkeley. Together, we want to discuss the latest strategies, methods, practices, and technologies for mass customization, personalization, user co-creation and open innovation.

For the academic part of the conference (Nov. 17-19), we invite paper submissions. Download the Call for Papers here

All submissions will be peer reviewed. The finale date to submit your proposal is April 7, 2011. To submit a paper or presentation proposal, please use the online submission system at

To learn more about the MCPC 2011, head here:

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