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International Small Business Journal, 29(1)

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International Small Business Journal 

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Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship: Extending Theory, Integrating Practice
Anne de Bruin and Eleanor Shaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exporting and innovation performance: Analysis of the annual Small Business Survey in the UK
Dolores Anon Higon and Nigel Driffield [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurial marketing in small businesses: A conceptual exploration
Rosalind Jones and Jennifer Rowley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of entrepreneurship clubs and societies in entrepreneurial learning
Luke Pittaway, Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, Olaojo Aiyegbayo, and Amanda King [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Franchising success: Insights from real estate brokerage
Susan Flint-Hartle and Anne de Bruin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The sustainability of start-up firms among formerly wage-employed workers
Fernando Munoz-Bullon and Begona Cueto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]