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Service Industries Journal, 31(4)

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Service Industries Journal 

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Markus Scheuer [Publisher]

Determinants of the export behaviour of German business services companies
Alexander Eickelpasch; Alexander Vogel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Implementation and effectiveness of strategic actions used to reduce customer variability
Ching-Chow Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing service subsidiaries through an innovation perspective: a case of standard interpretation in multinational hotels
Sawitree Sutthijakra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Public–private partnership and regional productivity in the UK
José Luis Navarro-Espigares; José Aureliano Martín-Segura [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The balance between bricolage and innovation: management dilemmas in sustainable public innovation
Lars Fuglsang; Flemming Sørensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Services in the Detroit regional economy: implications for a city in transition
Ellen D. Harpel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Systems thinking for call centre service design: affective commitment implications in manufacturing enterprises
Ayham A. M. Jaaron; Chris J. Backhouse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revenue creation: business models for product-related services in international markets – the case of Zwick GmbH & Co. KG
Daniel Zähringer; Jochen Niederberger; Knut Blind; Alexander Schletz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influence of entry modes and relationship modes on business services internationalisation
Jean Philippe; Pierre-Yves Léo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]