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Single-machine scheduling with general sum-of-processing-time-based and position-based learning effects
Peng-Jen Lai, Wen-Chiung Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A study of DEA models without explicit inputs?
W.B. Liu, D.Q. Zhang, W. Meng, X.X. Li, F. Xu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing finished-goods inventory under capacitated delayed differentiation
Dong Tang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The use of OWA operator weights for cross-efficiency aggregation
Ying-Ming Wang, Kwai-Sang Chin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Duality of weakly disposable technology
Timo Kuosmanen, Reza Kazemi Matin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shift scheduling for tank trucks
Sigrid Knust, Elisabeth Schumacher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate philanthropic selection using data envelopment analysis
Fariborz Y. Partovi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimal pricing and production decisions in the presence of symmetrical and asymmetrical substitution
Sang-Won Kim, Peter C. Bell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply chain outsourcing under exchange rate risk and competition
Zugang Liu, Anna Nagurney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Practical scheduling for call center operations
Dennis C. Dietz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A multicriteria decision making model for reverse logistics using analytical hierarchy process
Theresa J. Barker, Zelda B. Zabinsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The EPQ with partial backordering and phase-dependent backordering rate
David W. Pentico, Matthew J. Drake, Carl Toews [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changes in productivity of Spanish university libraries
Jose Simon, Clara Simon, Alicia Arias [Publisher] [Google Scholar]