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Judgment and Decision Making, 6(1)

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Judgment and Decision Making 

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Recognition-based judgments and decisions: Introduction to the special issue (II)
Julian N. Marewski, Ruediger F. Pohl, Oliver Vitouch [Publisher]

Threshold models of recognition and the recognition heuristic
Edgar Erdfelder, Carolina E. Kupper-Tetzel, Sandra D. Mattern [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Processing of recognition information and additional cues: A model-based analysis of choice, confidence, and response time
Andreas Gloeckner, Arndt Broeder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Recognition judgments and the performance of the recognition heuristic depend on the size of the reference class
Ulrich Hoffrage [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The wisdom of ignorant crowds: Predicting sport outcomes by mere recognition
Stefan M. Herzog, Ralph Hertwig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Forecasting elections with mere recognition from small, lousy samples: A comparison of collective recognition, wisdom of crowds, and representative polls
Wolfgang Gaissmeier, Julian N. Marewski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Four challenges for cognitive research on the recognition heuristic and a call for a research strategy shift
Tracy Tomlinson, Julian N. Marewski, Michael Dougherty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The recognition heuristic: A decade of research
Gerd Gigerenzer, Daniel G. Goldstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]