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Journal of Product Innovation Management, 28(2)

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Journal of Product Innovation Management 

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From the Special Issue Editors: Agent-Based Modeling of Innovation Diffusion
Rosanna Garcia and Wander Jager [Publisher]

A Study of the Diffusion of Alternative Fuel Vehicles: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach
Ting Zhang, Sonja Gensler and Rosanna Garcia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluating Government’s Policies on Promoting Smart Metering Diffusion in Retail Electricity Markets via Agent-Based Simulation
Tao Zhang and William J. Nuttall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Opinion Leaders’ Role in Innovation Diffusion: A Simulation Study
Peter S. van Eck, Wander Jager and Peter S. H. Leeflang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Simulating the Cinema Market: How Cross-Cultural Differences in Social Influence Explain Box Office Distributions
Thijs L. J. Broekhuizen, Sebastiano A. Delre and Anna Torres [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A New Model for University-Industry Links in Knowledge-Based Economies
Petra Ahrweiler, Andreas Pyka and Nigel Gilbert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Many and What Kind? The Role of Strategic Orientation in New Product Ideation
Jelena Spanjol, William J. Qualls and José Antonio Rosa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-Functional Integration of R&D, Marketing, and Manufacturing in Radical and Incremental Product Innovations and Its Effects on Project Effectiveness and Efficiency
Malte Brettel, Florian Heinemann, Andreas Engelen and Steven Neubauer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Product Modularity on New Product Performance: Mediation by Product Innovativeness
Antonio K. W. Lau, Richard C. M. Yam and Esther Tang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service versus Manufacturing Innovation
John E. Ettlie and Stephen R. Rosenthal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tacit Knowledge, Lessons Learnt, and New Product Development
Keith Goffin and Ursula Koners [Publisher] [Google Scholar]