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Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 15(4)

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Journal of Financial Services Marketing 

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Special issue on financial services for the poor
Paul Sergius Koku Guest Editor [Publisher]

Financial services and the elderly poor: Development and implementation of sustainable intervention strategies
A Ben Oumlil and Alvin J Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A theory and contractual framework of Islamic micro-financial institutions’ operations
Edib Smolo and Abdul Ghafar Ismail [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The make-buy decision in marketing financial services for poverty alleviation
C M Sashi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of Ghanaian churches in the financial rehabilitation of the poor: Implications for re-visiting the social mission of religious institutions
Charles O Kwarteng and Hannah Emma Acquaye [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Banking the poor: The role of mobiles
Robert E Hinson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Loan recommender system for microfinance loans: Increasing efficiency to assist growth
Tarun Bhaskar and Gopi Subramanian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Who is responsible for rehabilitating the poor? The case for church-based financial services for the poor
Paul Sergius Koku and Hannah Emma Acquaye [Publisher] [Google Scholar]