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Econometrica, 79(2)

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Applied Nonparametric Instrumental Variables Estimation
Joel L. Horowitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficient Tests Under a Weak Convergence Assumption
Ulrich K. Müller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficiency Bounds for Missing Data Models With Semiparametric Restrictions
Bryan S. Graham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Model Confidence Set
Peter R. Hansen, Asger Lunde and James M. Nason [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the Existence of Monotone Pure-Strategy Equilibria in Bayesian Games
Philip J. Reny [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Economics of Labor Coercion
Daron Acemoglu and Alexander Wolitzky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Temptation and Revealed Preference
Jawwad Noor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]