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Journal of Business Research, 64(5)

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Journal of Business Research 

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Antecedents and consequences of management-espoused organizational cultural control
Lloyd C. Harris, Emmanuel Ogbonna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Aligning strategic processes in pursuit of firm growth
Varkey K. Titus Jr., Jeffrey G. Covin, Dennis P. Slevin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Estimating the impact of Denison’s (1996), “What is the difference between organizational culture and organizational climate? A native’s point of view on a decade of paradigm wars”
Farah Asif [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social exchange: Empirical examination of form and focus
Amanuel G. Tekleab, Dan S. Chiaburu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-border relationships and performance: Revisiting a complex linkage
Claude Obadia, Irena Vida [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Whisper forecasts of earnings per share: Is anyone still listening?
William D. Brown Jr., Guy D. Fernando [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stock listing and financial flexibility
Frederiek Schoubben, Cynthia Van Hulle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do values or goals better explain intent? A cross-national comparison
Marianela Fornerino, Alain Jolibert, Carol M. Sánchez, Mengxia Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reflections on discriminant validity: Reexamining the Bove et al. (2009) findings
Edward Shiu, Simon J. Pervan, Liliana L. Bove, Sharon E. Beatty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are stocks dumped or neglected by analysts’ inferior investments to covered stocks??
Hei-Wai Lee, Vivek Sharma, Kelly Nianyun Cai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

e-SELFQUAL: A scale for measuring online self-service quality
David Xin Ding, Paul Jen-Hwa Hu, Olivia R. Liu Sheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing cross-cultural marketing theory and research
Andreas Engelen, Malte Brettel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How happiness mediates the organizational virtuousness and affective commitment relationship
Arménio Rego, Neuza Ribeiro, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Jorge Correia Jesuino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling customer value perceptions in cross-cultural business markets
Christopher P. Blocker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]