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Journal of Relationship Marketing, 9(4)

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Journal of Relationship Marketing 

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Loyalty and Its Antecedents: Are the Relationships Static?
James M. Curran; Sajeev Varki; Deborah E. Rosen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Empirical Analysis of Attitudinal and Behavioral Reactions Toward the Abandonment of Unprofitable Customer Relationships
Michael Haenlein; Andreas M. Kaplan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commitment Variation in the Phases of the Relationship Development Process
Deborah Goldring [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Generating Trust and Satisfaction in E-Services: The Impact of Usability on Consumer Behavior
Luis V. Casaló; Carlos Flavián; Miguel Guinalíu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Investigation of Pricing Data for Evidence of Institutional-Level Relationship Marketing Behaviors
Jim Doyle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]