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Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Science,20(4)

Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Science, Vol.20 No.4

SPECIAL SECTION: Marketing in a Turbulent Environment

GUEST EDITOR: Yung Kyun Choi (Dongguk University)


1. Toward Developing Marketing Strategies in Turbulent Environment

- Yung Kyun Choi

2. Persuasion effect of e-WOM: The Impact of Involvement and Ambiguity Tolerance


- Chih-Chien Wang, Yi-Ting Wang

3. The Effect of Forgiveness and Trust on Relational Performance in the Purchasing of Business Services


- Jeonpyo Noh

4. The Mediating Effect of Perceived Service Risk on Perceived Value of Internet Apparel Shopping:

From the Quality-Risk-Value Approach


- Jihyun Kim, Mary Lynn Damhorst

5. Consumer Behavior in Green Marketing for Luxury Brand: A Cross-Cultural Study of US, Japan and Korea


- Jina Park, Eunju Ko, Sookhyun Kim

6. Content Analysis of Online Co-Design Community Interactions: A Case Study of Crowd-Sourced Threadless


- Juanjuan Wu, Cara Damminga, Kim K. P. Johnson, Hye-Young Kim




1. Initial Trust with Unknown E-tailers in the Context of Online Gift Shopping


- Jaeha Lee, Seung-Eun Lee

2. Super Bowl Ads: An Empirical Investigation of the Advertising-to-Sales Relationship


- Chuck Tomkovick

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