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Arts Marketing: An International Journal seeks reviewers

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Call for Reviewers

The editorial team of Arts Marketing: An International Journal (AM) would like to invite you to review articles for the journal.

AM is dedicated to publishing high-quality, contemporary research into arts marketing and strongly encourages creativity in the development of marketing theory and practice. The journal adopts a broad view of the arts, including all sectors of the creative industries such as visual arts and crafts, museums, performing arts, music, film, cinema, literature; and also of the disciplinary perspectives that can inform the field. AM facilitates the contribution of academic research to arts marketing practice and brings the practitioner and consumer voice into the academic arena. For more information on AM please visit the journal website:

Reviewers with expertise in any area of arts marketing are encouraged to serve as reviewers. This includes:

  • Marketing and consumption of all art forms regardless of their conventional categorisation (e.g. ‘for’ and ‘not for profit’; high art and popular culture)
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to arts and marketing (e.g. sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, commerce, technology, history, geography, philosophy)
  • International issues in the arts e.g. (comparative research into support/management of the arts relationship between media technologies, society and the individual)
  • Cutting edge and emerging research in arts marketing (e.g. the social construction of arts experiences; performing identity: artist and audiences; ethics and consumer empowerment in the arts).

As one of our reviewers said very well – “I learn a great deal from reviewing!” – reviewing gives you access to the most current research methods and findings and is a good opportunity to get involved in the journal’s success.

Please forward this email to any of your peers and research students that may be interested in reviewing and/or writing for the journal. Author guidelines can be found at

If you have any feedback or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Editor-in-Chief, Noel Dennis at

Thank you,

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