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Technovation, 31(2/3)

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Three eras of technology foresight
Harold A. Linstone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Policies to benefit from the globalization of corporate R&D: An exploratory study for EU countries
José Guimón [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Patterns of technological learning within the knowledge systems of industrial clusters in emerging economies: Evidence from China
Bin Guo, Jing-Jing Guo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing knowledge assets under conditions of radical change: The case of the pharmaceutical industry
Minna Allarakhia, Steven Walsh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Team vision in product development: How knowledge strategy matters
Elena Revilla, Beatriz Rodríguez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

ENTRE-U: An entrepreneurial orientation scale for universities
Zelimir William Todorovic, Rod B. McNaughton, Paul Guild [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is open innovation a field of study or a communication barrier to theory development? A contribution to the current debate
Ulrich Lichtenthaler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]