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Psychological Bulletin, 137(1)

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Psychological Bulletin 

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To Honor Fechner and Obey Stevens: Relationships Between Psychophysical and Neural Nonlinearities
Vincent A. Billock, Brian H. Tsou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attachment and the Processing of Social Information Across the Life Span: Theory and Evidence
Matthew J. Dykas, Jude Cassidy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Importance of the Peritraumatic Experience in Defining Traumatic Stress
Michelle J. Bovin, Brian P. Marx [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shame, Guilt, and Depressive Symptoms: A Meta-Analytic Review
Sangmoon Kim, Ryan Thibodeau, Randall S. Jorgensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sex Differences in Impulsivity: A Meta-Analysis
Catharine P. Cross, Lee T. Copping, Anne Campbell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Delaying Judgments of Learning on Metacognitive Accuracy: A Meta-Analytic Review
Matthew G. Rhodes, Sarah K. Tauber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Implicit Measures of Association in Psychopathology Research
Anne Roefs, Jorg Huijding, Fren T.Y. Smulders, Colin M. MacLeod, Peter J. de Jong, Reinout W. Wiers, Anita T.M. Jansen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]