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Journal of Global Marketing, 23(5)

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Journal of Global Marketing 

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Erdener Kaynak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Alternative Models of Trustworthiness of Service Providers
Sanjit Kumar Roy; Vaibhav Shekhar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Consumers’ Need for Uniqueness and Nationality on Generation Y’s Retail Patronage Behaviors: Investigating American and Taiwanese Consumers
Rajasree K. Rajamma; Lou E. Pelton; Maxwell K. Hsu; Dee K. Knight [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Local Dealer Adoption of a Foreign Manufacturer-Sponsored Internet-Based Information System
Willem Burgers; Dan Padgett; Jose Roberto Concha V. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Explorative Study of Korean Consumer Participation in Virtual Brand Communities in Social Network Sites
Yongjun Sung; Yoojung Kim; Ohyoon Kwon; Jangho Moon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International Market Segmentation and Cross-Export Strategies Development Case Study: Iranian Furniture Industry
Samira Malek Mohamadi Golsefid [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Main Determinants of Bollywood Movie Box Office Sales
Marc Fetscherin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]