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Multivariate Behavioral Research, 45(5)

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Multivariate Behavioral Research 

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Multilevel Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling of Daily Diary Coping Data: Modeling Trait and State Variation
Scott C. Roesch; Arianna A. Aldridge; Stephanie N. Stocking; Feion Villodas; Queenie Leung; Carrie E. Bartley; Lisa J. Black [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Dual-Process Discrete-Time Survival Analysis Model: Application to the Gateway Drug Hypothesis
Patrick S. Malone; Dorian A. Lamis; Katherine E. Masyn; Thomas F. Northrup [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Case for Use of Simple Difference Scores to Test the Significance of Differences in Mean Rates of Change in Controlled Repeated Measurements Designs
John E. Overall; Scott Tonidandel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Further Insight and Additional Inference Methods for Polynomial Regression Applied to the Analysis of Congruence
Ayala Cohen; Inbal Nahum-Shani; Etti Doveh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Social Accuracy Model of Interpersonal Perception: Assessing Individual Differences in Perceptive and Expressive Accuracy
Jeremy C. Biesanz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]