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Management Science, 57(1)

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Management Science 

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Management Insights
Michael F. Gorman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Estimating the Operational Impact of Container Inspections at International Ports
Nitin Bakshi, Stephen E. Flynn, and Noah Gans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Carbon Capture by Fossil Fuel Power Plants: An Economic Analysis
Ozge Islegen and Stefan Reichelstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quality-Speed Conundrum: Trade-offs in Customer-Intensive Services
Krishnan S. Anand, M. Fazil Pac, and Senthil Veeraraghavan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Privacy Regulation and Online Advertising
Avi Goldfarb and Catherine E. Tucker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Investigation of Earnings Management Through Marketing Actions
Craig J. Chapman and Thomas J. Steenburgh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competing to Be Certain (But Wrong): Market Dynamics and Excessive Confidence in Judgment
Joseph R. Radzevick and Don A. Moore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Opportunity Spaces in Innovation: Empirical Analysis of Large Samples of Ideas
Laura J. Kornish and Karl T. Ulrich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Recruiting for Ideas: How Firms Exploit the Prior Inventions of New Hires
Jasjit Singh and Ajay Agrawal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Grammar-Based Integer Programming Models for Multiactivity Shift Scheduling
Marie-Claude Cote, Bernard Gendron, and Louis-Martin Rousseau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information Goods vs. Industrial Goods: Cost Structure and Competition
Roy Jones and Haim Mendelson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Auctioneers Pick Optimal Reserve Prices?
Andrew M. Davis, Elena Katok, and Anthony M. Kwasnica [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the Two Components of Risk Attitudes: An Experimental Analysis
Jianying Qiu and Eva-Maria Steiger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ranking Intervals and Dominance Relations for Ratio-Based Efficiency Analysis
Ahti Salo and Antti Punkka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]